The Galaxy Note was in a league of its own when it was first introduced. It was the first phone to include a stylus, have an over-sized screen, and it was much more powerful than other Android phones on the market. But now that other phones are catching on to those trends, how does the Note 10+ stand out from the other options out there?

The S Pen

Galaxy Notes are among the only phones (although there are others) that come with stylus pens, also known as S Pens. S Pens make using your phone easier and allow you to be more precise than using your finger does.

In case you’re not familiar with other Notes, the S Pen charges in the silo. It includes a button that can perform simple functions and has basic tilt detection.

The S Pen on the Note 10+ has some new features, including a gyroscope and an accelerometer. Those basically allow you to do some fun things with your phone without actually touching the screen. This is achieved with the help of Bluetooth. These features work from a distance, even as far as 15 feet away, but they only work with specific apps like Spotify and the camera.

The Note 10+’s S Pen also has many other functions such as magnifying the screen, shrinking apps to be thumbnails, and control the volume without touching the volume key.

The Software

The Note 10+ comes with optical character recognition (OCR). OCR can convert hand-written letters into code, which allows you to scribble down notes and then converted them into texts, files, or even Word documents. Other Galaxy notes had this feature, but they required you to work through apps. That extra step is no longer necessary.

Another new feature of the Note 10+ is its video editing tool. Most phones come with some sort of video editing app, but the one included with the Note 10+ is particularly easy to use. You can effortlessly add several clips with transitions, music, and effects— even if you’ve never made a video before. The stylus helps you to trim clips with precision. You can have a video ready in just a few minutes.

The Note 10+ also comes with “AR Doodle,” which allows you to draw on faces in your pictures or videos. If you draw on a face in a video, the doodles will stay with your subject. So, for example, if you draw a mustache on your friend’s face, it will follow him or her around for the remainder of the video.

The Downside

The Galaxy Note 10+ is an extremely powerful and well-made phone, but it comes with a downside. The downside is its price tag. It starts at $1,100, which is quite higher than many other phones with similar features. However, you won’t find another phone with a stylus quite like the Note 10+, so if you think it’s worth it, this is the phone for you!