The most recent product release by Palo Alto Networks features a protective wireless router with integral cybersecurity capabilities that businesses can use to safeguard their employees’ home networks from cyberattacks.

Palo Alto Network, a publicly-traded company, is one of the largest cybersecurity providers globally, with specialty in cloud security and breach prevention. Palo Alto Network’s Okyo Garde was developed to assist enterprises in securing their employees’ home wireless networks. An enterprise can distribute Okyo Garde routers to its workers to connect securely to work applications. Moreover, employees can also create a discrete Wi-Fi network for their non-work use.

According to Palo Alto Networks, Okyo Garde protects the network from various forms of cyber-attacks. It can detect malicious links when clicked upon and prevents the site from loading. Moreover, it can detect phishing attempts and it comes with features for blocking smart home-targeted cyberattacks.

Protection of smart home appliances is achieved by limiting the ability to establish connections with the supposedly malware-ridden external servers. Mobile application is available to administrators to support Okyo Garde deployment. Through the app, administrators can manage configuration settings and receive cybersecurity alerts.

For a business with expansive cybersecurity requirements, there is an edition with an in-built Prisma Access service. It encodes data traffic, implements zero trust protocols to thwart unauthorized access, and provides pointers on enhancing enterprise security. It is the same technology used to secure most of the world’s leading businesses, including hospitals, banks, and universities.

Okyo Garde expands Palo Alto Network’s offerings on business applications and is geared towards protecting remote workers in an era where the area faces a spiking demand. The product will allow the firm to compete more directly for microenterprises’ cybersecurity spending.

Because of the Okyo Garde’s easy-to-use app, the router is more appropriate for microenterprises with little in-house expertise on data security. The router’s primary feature is its mesh networking support, the capability to connect multiple devices and distribute internet across a larger area. The feature renders it suitable for use in corporate locations.

Okyo Garde router has the edge over other providers’ offerings because it supports the up-to-date Wi-Fi 6 and runs on a 2.2 GHz quad-core chip. The router comes with an expansive memory configuration to house its cybersecurity features and enhance network performance.